William Almonte, CEO

William AlmonteMahwah, NJ – William Almonte is President and Chief Executive Officer of Titan Staffing Systems. William started this owned company in 1998. He brought staffing and human resources experience to the area. William’s continuous commitment to staffing excellence and trust has embarked on being the leading staffing company by choice in his markets, servicing all industries. Titan Staffing provides industrial staffing support to employers throughout the Tri-State area.

William holds a Degree in Economics and has over 20 years of management, recruiting, human resources, sales and marketing experience. He has increased efficiency and productivity through business process management and quality management solutions. His sourcing of candidates for internal positions as well as field employees, supported growth in revenue and market share is one of his biggest assets.

William is the Director of the youth recreational basketball program for the town and he also coach his son, Will and daughter’s youth basketball travel teams. In his spare time, William loves spending time with his family and friends, weight lifting, swimming, playing guitar, chess.

William is a father of three children. His daughter, Julia is 12 and his twin boys Will and Jack are 10. He is married to his high school sweetheart, Ana and now reside in Mahwah , NJ since 2002 with his wife and children.